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Skykings is fantasy series set in a fictional universe created by Australian author Aaron McGowan.

Places and Locations

The World

An expanse of floating islands on a world torn apart by magic.

The world has three main parts: The Core, The Ring & Valhalla

World History

The Realm exists now in a time of war known as the Aether wars

Races of the Realm

  • Human (Paladin, Marine)
  • Undead (Skellikin, Litch, Demon)
  • Goblin
  • Troll
  • Furies
  • Ezre
  • Giantz

Notable Characters

  • Damian Sain (Crypt King)
  • Markis Crossbone (The Skelliking)
  • Tanis Sunstriker, (Lord of light)
  • Jeg Slaughterfest (Ork Warboss)
  • Maeko Hammerhead (Furrielord, Skyking)
  • Eldan Antis (Ezre Chifdom)
  • Grim Greenblood (Member of Shadoworks, Skyking)
  • Lando Rigel (Sovereren)
  • Nicholas Vandom (Member of The Black rebels)
  • Jayraraah (Troll-king)
  • Eris Barkkin (Grand Gnaf)

Factions of the Realm

Infernal Factions

  • Ethereals - all non-paladin magic users are considered Infernal by the Solarian Order and Empire Marines.
  • The Skykings - Pirate lords that live in Valhalla.
  • The Black Rebels - A group of rogue wizards
  • The Crypt Kings - Masters of Undeath.
  • Shadoworks - Goblin workforce of airship builders.

Celestial Factions

  • The Solarian Order - Celestial Paladin Order
  • Empire Marines - Human fighters
  • The Ezre - Various Elven clans

Non-aligned Factions

  • Nonu / The Free People - Civilians and non-magic users
  • Skellikin - undead skellington's.
  • Giantz
  • Goblins
  • Trolls
  • Furies - Animal-kin

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